About Inventure Private Limited

In 2004, Inventure Private Limited (IPL) was founded with the aim of providing creative and cost-effective solutions to development challenges. The company was established by a group of seasoned professionals with a track record of successfully completing numerous assignments in areas such as program conceptualization, design, and planning, as well as institutional strengthening, capacity building, and program/project evaluations. Additionally, the team possesses extensive expertise in various domains, including governance, public financial management, policy and legislative reforms, and enhancing the capacity of the public sector.

Inventure’s core mission is to assist clients in obtaining practical solutions and the most valuable guidance in any given context. In their consultancy role, members of the Inventure team have effectively executed numerous projects related to program design and planning, institutional strengthening, capacity building, and program/project evaluations. They also bring a wealth of experience in areas like governance, child-focused development, poverty alleviation, education, healthcare, rights-based programming, gender equality, disaster risk reduction, livelihoods, and environmental concerns. At its heart, Inventure is dedicated to delivering accurate information and the best possible advice to its clients in every situation.


Our mission is to help enhance the capacities and effectiveness of organizations and individuals working for socioeconomic development.


Blending ‘development activism’ with ‘professionalism’ is what shapes our philosophy, overall approach and core values.  We adhere to the highest standards of ethical and moral conduct in all aspects of our business and our internal and external working relationships are guided by mutual respect, cooperation and trust. Specifically our core values include;


  • Responsiveness to the client needs
  • Fulfillment of all written and verbal commitments
  • Absolute integrity and honesty in all relationships
  • Practical and economical
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Professionalism