Midterm Review of Country Strategy Paper of ActionAid Pakistan (AAPK) - 2012-13


Conducted Midterm Review of Country Strategy Paper of ActionAid Pakistan. AAPK program priorities are women and girls rights, just and democratic governance, right to quality education, rights to food, disaster risk management and curbing the spread of HIV and AIDs. Inventure team assessed livelihoods interventions initiated in the development areas by ActionAid and its implementing partners such as provision of agri inputs, seed bank and organic farming. Depending upon the needs of the local communities recommendations were put forward for introducing additional livelihood intervention and replacing interventions affecting environment adversely. In addition to conducted IDIs and FDGs with program beneficiaries, the evaluation team also met with AAPk implementing partners, CSOs, alliances, service providers in health and education, networks, activists, journalists, academia and research institutions in 6 Development Areas of ActionAid Pakistan in all four provinces of Pakistan.