About Us


Core Strenghts 

  • A pool of highly qualified and experienced sector specialists and researchers,
  • A fully equipped office in Islamabad with state of the art data management, information and communication facilities,
  • Regional offices in Karachi, Quetta and Multan
  • An energetic and experienced support team
  • In-house expertise and resources for managing large volumes of data, and
  • A pool of trained analysts, evaluators and field researchers in various districts across Pakistan

Legal Status

Inventure is registered as a private limited company under Companies’ Registration Act of 1984 in Pakistan.

Capacity Statement

On the human resource front, the current staff exceeds 11 staff members distributed across head office and regional offices. The core management and senior team members are highly qualified with post graduate degrees from the US, AUS and Pakistan; bringing national and international experience with a diverse range of development projects. Besides full time staff, Inventure has developed a roaster of high caliber consultants with specialization in various sectors such as Livelihoods, Vocational Skill Development Trainings, Health and Nutrition, Education, Governance, Policy, Food Security, Environment, Gender, Human, Women and Child Rights, Environment, WASH, DRR and Microfinance. The sector specialist consultants are deployed in the projects commissioned to Inventure on short-term basis. The enumerators for conducting large surveys are trained by Inventure on data collection in all four provinces, AJK, FATA and GB. Our pool of field researchers in different parts of the country including Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Kabul can be mobilized on short notice. They can speak local languages and are familiar with context and cultural sensitivities of Afghan communities, which will be critical for successful implementation of this evaluation.

As for equipment and facilities, Inventure has established regional offices in 3 major cities of Pakistan in addition to the head office in Islamabad. Each office is equipped with necessary equipment according to the needs of staff. It includes, Computers, Printers Scanners, Multimedia, Fax, Telephone, Exchange, Television, Heater, Fans, Air Conditioners, Photo copier, Furniture and Fixture, Cameras and Vehicles to perform field related activities.